At the moment, an attempted raider seizure of tour company. Under the pretext of imaginary debts, the administration of the IQ-Park site is illegally trying to influence our business for its own selfish purposes. At the moment, the site administration has taken such measures as blocking the access of company employees to the infrastructure, as well as power cuts in order to complicate and suspend the work. Currently, the administration has begun the illegal retention of our employees in the territory.

At the moment, the infrastructure is powered by diesel generator fuel. It is possible that in the near future there can be a shutdown and subsequent downtime. Since we in every way block the possibility of refueling engines. We urge all of our clients to distribute this information and make backups!

In the event that the situation with the site is not solved, we will make all possible efforts and resources to transfer all the equipment and resume work as quickly and as quickly as possible. All procedures will be carried out as safely as possible.

We sincerely apologize for the situation, at the moment our entire company is doing everything possible to find a way out of this situation! We very much count on your support and understanding! We will keep you informed of all the events taking place, all information will be published in our social networks and on the company website.

Thursday, February 7, 2019

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