Nov 25th Ddos attack on our main nodes.

Its seems that our black friday promotions made somone a little angry.
We are experiencing Ddos attack on our main nodes, we are adding extra layer of security to our servers.
We apologize for the downtime.

Offshore Servers Administration

Nov 4th VPS Main Servers maintenance -11/05,06/2017 4.00AM (Moscow Time)

Hello,We want to inform you that on 11/05/2017 and 11/06/2017  4.00AM (Moscow Time) will be performed  maintenance on the main VPS servers.We are optiimzing the servers for better stability and performace, improving the network ports, installing new HDD (Raid Configuration).Expected downtime should be ~1 hour.Dedicated/Streaming servers and ... Read More »

Sep 29th Main Network connection issue ( Due to latest upgrades )

Our technicians are working around the clock to fix the network problem, we apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Thank you
Offshore-servers Administration

Sep 26th Urgent maintenance

We experienced a technical failure on the switching equipment. Network operation is restored within 10-15 minutes. Unfortunately, we need to urgently work on the network equipment (firmware update) in order to eliminate the incorrect work. The works will be held at 01:00. The network will not be available for 15 minutes. We apologize and look ... Read More »

Aug 15th Hosting Migration

Hello Dear client, we want to inform you that during the period 16/08.2017 - 17/08.2017 we have scheduled migration of all hosting accounts that are hosted on shared4 server.We will transfer your cpanel account to new improved servers in order to satisfy our clients needs and to avoid/prevent any downtime or hosting problem.All new servers are ... Read More »

Aug 13th Maintenance on Master VPS Node.

During the period of 13/08/2017 -14/08/2017 maintenance will be performed on all VPS servers(nodes), clients may notice a little downtime during this period.
We are apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Thank you

Offshore Servers Administration

Jul 31st ( 01.08.2017 to 07.08.2017 ) Announcement

We want to infom you during the period ( 01.08.2017 to 07.08.2017 ) due yearly vacation there will be lack of staff in our company. We will still try to resolve any problems in the fastest time frame. Technians will still operate from Monday - Friday (Part time)

We are apologize for any incovience.

Offshore Servers Administration.

Jul 29th Maintenance on Shared Hosting Server - Srv2

During the period of 29/07/2017 -30/07/2017 maintanace will be performed on src2 hosting server, clients may notice a little downtime during this period.
We are apologize for any incovinience caused.

Thank you

Offshore Servers Administration

Jun 3rd Regular network maintenance- Sunday (06/04/2017)

Regular network maintenance in the data center is planned on Sunday (06/04/2017), there might be communication break that can take up to 10 minutes.

Thank you

Offshore Servers Administration

May 31st Securing Your Account

We are always taking additional measures in order to protect our customers from any hacking activity.We recommend all clients to put more complex password on their account, the password needs to contain lowercase letters,uppercase letters,numerals,Symbols (all characters not defined as letters or numerals), the password should be at least 8 ... Read More »